21: Benjamin Hardy | What to Do When Willpower Doesn't Work

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Mar 26, 20181h 7m | se1 : e21
21: Benjamin Hardy | What to Do When Willpower Doesn't Work
Mar 26 '181h 7m | se1e21
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Benjamin Hardy (@BenjaminPHardy) has been the number one writer on Medium since 2015, is nearing the completion of his PhD in organizational psychology, and is the author of Willpower Doesn't Work: Discover the Hidden Keys to Success.

"If you have to use willpower, it's because you actually haven't made a choice yet." -Benjamin Hardy

What We Discuss with Benjamin Hardy:

  • Your personality doesn't shape your behavior; your behavior shapes your personality.
  • If you can't create and control your environment, your environment creates and controls you.
  • What automaticity is and how it frees you up to be mindful of what matters.
  • The four sources of willpower and why willpower doesn't work.
  • Your identity is not fixed: how changing your behavior changes how you evaluate yourself -- and who you are.
  • And much more...

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