19: Denise Shull | How to Turn Bad Emotions into Good Decisions

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Mar 22, 20181h 7m | se1 : e19
19: Denise Shull | How to Turn Bad Emotions into Good Decisions
Mar 22 '181h 7m | se1e19
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Denise Shull (@DeniseKShull) is a performance architect, ReThink Group founder, and author of Market Mind Games: A Radical Psychology of Investing, Trading and Risk, considered the Rosetta Stone of trading psychology.

"The worst decision you make is always from acting out some feeling you usually don't know you have." -Denise Shull

What We Discuss with Denise Shull:

  • Why understanding what we feel and why we feel it is a source of power for creating change and spurring transformation.
  • Why the avoidance mechanisms high performers often use to escape the influence of emotion on actions is counterproductive.
  • How feeling negative emotions can help us decode hidden information inside those emotions to help us perform at our best.
  • What we can do to recognize what we're feeling -- especially if we've regulated ourselves to feel nothing in the face of difficult decisions.
  • How a thesaurus can be used to keep us from making mistaken decisions.
  • And much more...

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