117: Robert Greene | What You Need to Know about the Laws of Human Nature

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Nov 6, 20181h 32m | se1 : e117
117: Robert Greene | What You Need to Know about the Laws of Human Nature
Nov 6 '181h 32m | se1e117
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Robert Greene (@RobertGreene) is the author of five New York Times Best Sellers. His highly anticipated sixth book, The Laws of Human Nature, is out now.

What We Discuss with Robert Greene:

  • Why you can't monumentally improve your life by modifying your behavior if you don't understand what causes such behavior.
  • Why it's liberating to understand that the reason other people react to you in whatever way they do has more to do with them and their own baggage than you and yours.
  • How oversimplifying the impression you have of someone robs you of the ability to relate to them beyond a surface level -- and what you can do to change the game.
  • Why your lower nature seems to be the default you'll fall into without effort and what it takes to tap into the potential of your higher nature.
  • The difference between active and passive envy, where envy comes from, why it's so often destructive, and how you can flip envy to your benefit.
  • And much more...

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