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42 - March 2018 Q & A
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Every month, I answer questions from the generous people who support me on Patreon. This is the Patreon Q & A from March 2018. 0:48 Patreon Q#1 - What should teaching and research in the humanities look like? I'm going to grad school for literature and I don't want my work to serve ideological possession. 3:07 Patreon Q#2 - Have you thought about slowing down? There are people worried about how hard you're pushing yourself with the countless commitments. 5:06 Patreon Q#3 - Many who respect your work feel your tweets are often impulsive (or even expedient) in certain interactions. Would you consider a change in the way you tweet? 12:25 Patreon Q#4 - What of a client's need for autonomy/identity in therapy; they would prefer that which is meaningful and therefore under their control; is this not unhealthy? 17:59 Patreon Q#5 - Any update on your plans to start providing independent classes or an online university? 20:55 Patreon Q#6 - I married young and have had only 1 sexual partner. Now I desire variety, but value my marriage and will not cheat. Any insight on overcoming this conflict? 24:27 Chat Q#1 - Why do you not discuss religious fundamentalism more often and more in depth? Many people consider you a religious apologist as a consequence. 30:04 Patreon Q#7 - I've been trying to listen to my conscience but I can't tell the difference between fear, willful blindness or genuine conscience. 37:55 Patreon Q#8 - I've watched many hours of your videos, but I don't think I've ever heard you describe yourself on the big 5 model. Care to tell us how you rank on each trait? 40:47 Patreon Q#9 - My wife and I found out early in the year we may not be able to have children, then last month I was diagnosed with cancer. How do I combat depression? 49:08 Patreon Q#10 - Please give your perspective on why polyamory is bad for the individual and society. 54:35 Patreon Q#11 - How do you think altered state of consciousness or shamanic experiences can/should be integrated into modern life and scientific thought? 57:42 Patreon Q#12 - I don’t even have the conscientiousness to sit down and do Self Authoring. I bought it over a year ago and haven’t opened it. What the hell is wrong with me? 1:03:34 Patreon Q#13 - My wife says I am like you i.e. obsessed by ideas, and seldom want to talk about much else. She wants me to ask if your wife is ever annoyed by it, haha. 1:05:35 Patreon Q#14 - Hi Dr. Peterson, I am a member of the translators who translate your video into Chinese. How can I speak the truth and survive in China and protect my family? 1:08:50 Patreon Q#15 - My brother committed suicide, and I’m taking care of my sister’s kids (ages 7, 3) until she’s stable. How can I help them cope with the loss of their uncle? 1:12:09 Patreon Q#16 - I'm a minority, my kids are mixed. I RESENT the disempowering narrative of victimhood being handed to them. It's lazy and offensive. How to arm them against it? 1:15:28 Patreon Q#17 - Sam Harris has accused you of sophistry in your Bible lectures. How do you draw the line between sophistry and a valid reading? 1:21:26 Patreon Q#18 - How is it that society has not learned from history about the dangers of socialism, Marxism, ideology, etc after years? How do Marxists get away with it? 1:27:11 Patreon Q#19 - I am 46, retired executive, wealthy, competent, and full of juice. Who can I talk to if I want to invest time/money/energy in your university? 1:30:00 Patreon Q#20 - I am a sober alcoholic/drug addict. How can I find my way back to belief in a higher power after 10 years in the empty void of atheism? I'm falling apart. Relevant links: Original Video: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: Jordan B Peterson Website: Self Authoring Suite: Understand Myself personality test: Podcast: Reading List: Twitter: Patreon:

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