21 - God and the Hierarchy of Authority

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Jun 11, 20172h 42m
21 - God and the Hierarchy of Authority
Jun 11 '172h 42m
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Lecture 3 in my Psychological Significance of the Biblical Stories series at the Isabel Bader Theatre in Toronto. Although I thought I might get to Genesis II in this third lecture, and begin talking about Adam & Eve, it didn't turn out that way. There was more to be said about the idea of God as creator (with the Word as the process underlying the act of creation). I didn't mind, because it is very important to get God and the Creation of the Universe right before moving on :) . In this lecture, I tried to outline something like this: for anything to be, there has to be a substrate (call it a potential) from which it emerges, a structure that provides the possibility of imposing order on that substrate, and the act of ordering, itself. So the first is something like the precosmogonic chaos (implicitly feminine); the second, God the Father; the third, what the Christian West has portrayed as the Son (the Word of Truth). Links Purchase Tickets Here for the Bible Series Support this Podcast on Patreon Self Authoring Jordan Peterson Website Reading List Twitter

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