Dec 20, 20172h 34m
Episode 141 | "Everyday Struggle"
Dec 20 '172h 34m
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The explanation you’ve all been waiting for, Joe elaborates on the departure from his old job, he also highlights the importance of integrity (11:28). Then Joe, Rory, and Mal finally give their review of the Eminem album (1:21:00). The Black Thought Freestyle sparked a lot of attention this past week, which inspired the guys to reveal their list of lyricist they believe are elite (1:42:51). No, this is not their top 20 rapper’s of all time list. Enjoy. Sleeper picks of the week: Joe: Diddy (ft. Nas and Beanie Sigel) “Journey Through the Life” | Mal: Shawn Smith “Baby Alien (Freestyle)” | Rory: Albee Al “Funk Flex Freestyle” |

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