Ep. 47: Intent Magazine and Podcast

Episode of: The Jewel Case

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Feb 21, 201757m
Ep. 47: Intent Magazine and Podcast
Feb 21 '1757m
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Intent Magazine and Podcast is a new venture from Belfast-based friends and housemates Fiona McDonnell and Constance Keane. The project will highlight people who make and are involved with art, music, and culture on the island of Ireland – using interviews and photography to explore the intent behind the work. I ask the duo about the new project and its launch at Framewerk, Belfast Friday 24th February.  I get a sneak preview of the first issue and its contents – interviews with NI skater collective The Joyalists; gallery owner Dawn Richardson; and a ‘walk-home’ review of Belfast’s recent Output Festival. Fiona also talks about…

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