Ep. 34: David Holmes

Episode of: The Jewel Case

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Oct 12, 201647m
Ep. 34: David Holmes
Oct 12 '1647m
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This week’s guest on the podcast is David Holmes – one of Northern Ireland’s most interesting musical minds.   He’s the auteur of critically acclaimed solo albums  Let’s Get Killed  and  The Holy Pictures.  He’s the curator of seminal tapes  Essential Mix  and  The Free Asssociation.  He’s the soundtrack composer for Soderbergh’s Ocean’s trilogy,  Hunger,  Good Vibrations and ’71.  He produces Primal Scream and Noel Gallagher.  Oh, and let’s not forgot he’s a decent club DJ – his legendary nights at Belfast’s art college made him one of the key figures in the city’s Acid House scene. Holmes is just about to release a new mix for the Late Night Tales…

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