Episode 1...who, I mean WHO has itchy feet?

Episode of: The Itchy Feet with Aly

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Jun 25, 201817m
Episode 1...who, I mean WHO has itchy feet?
Jun 25 '1817m
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Right from the get-go if there was an open door I'd bolt..like lightening. A gate ajar? Yep..you got it, I was out of there too. Pretty much any environment where I felt trapped, conditioned, institutionalised and not in command of my own decisions..that was me outta there. The trait was once my enemy and yet, over the years has become my very best friend. Forgive my rambling....but isn't that what podcasts are for?! This is my introduction, the first of many more episodes to come. My stories, my retrospective and current day accounts of life in general...its colourful facades, the good, the bad and the downright hideous. Let's have it out...the whole lot. Fancy joining me? I hope you'll stay tuned...it's been a ride and a half so far and I'm not done with it yet!

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