011 iPhreaks Show – Web Apps vs Native Apps

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Jun 27, 201345m
011 iPhreaks Show – Web Apps vs Native Apps
Jun 27 '1345m
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Panel Pete Hodgson (twitter github blog) Rod Schmidt (twitter github infiniteNIL) Charles Max Wood (twitter github Teach Me To Code Rails Ramp Up) Discussion 01:06 - Web Apps vs Native Apps HTML UIWebView Platform Coverage vs User Experience 04:48 - Uncanny Valley Effect 06:18 - Frameworks Sencha Touch Appcelerator Titanium SDK PhoneGap Kony 08:37 - Mobile vs Web Experience 13:15 - Uncanny Valley Effect Toy Story vs Polar Express 15:20 - Scrolling of Web Views 17:04 - Making Smart Technology Choices Platform Reach 22:13 - Access PhoneGap Calatrava 25:29 - Focus 28:18 - Exposure and Discoverability 30:20 - Cross-Platform Tradeoffs 32:21 - Offline Access HTML5 App Cache Every Time Zone 35:45 - HTML Presentation Frameworks jQuery Mobile 059 JSJ jQuery Mobile with Todd Parker Picks Calatrava (Pete) Iain Banks (Pete) Elixir (Rod) The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success: Kick-start Your Business, Brand, and Job Search by Wayne Breitbarth (Chuck) Twitter Bootstrap (Chuck) HTML5 Rocks (Chuck) Next Week iPhreaks Show: Open Source with Sam Soffes Transcript [This show is sponsored by The Pragmatic Studio. The Pragmatic Studio has been teaching iOS development since November of 2008. They have a 4-day hands-on course where you'll learn all the tools, APIs, and techniques to build iOS Apps with confidence and understand how all the pieces work together. They have two courses coming up: the first one is in July, from the 22nd - 25th, in Western Virginia, and you can get early registration up through June 21st; you can also sign up for their August course, and that's August 26th - 29th in Denver, Colorado, and you can get early registration through July 26th. If you want a private course for teams of 5 developers or more, you can also sign up on their website at pragmaticstudio.com.] CHUCK: Hey everybody and welcome to Episode 11 of iPhreaks! This week on our panel, we have Pete Hodgson. PETE: Good morning! CHUCK: Rod Schmidt. ROD: Good morning! CHUCK: I'm Charles Max Wood from DevChat.tv. This week we're going to be talking about the tradeoffs between "Web Apps and Native Apps". One of the things that kind of made me want to talk about this was that I remember a while ago, 37signals came out and basically said, "We're not going to write iPhone Apps or Android Apps for our products. We're just going to make mobile versions of the websites and people could just use that," and I thought that was really interesting. So I'm curious with you guys, what you see as the tradeoffs between one or the other. ROD: Well, since they've changed a little bit, they're now using RubyMotion for their Basecamp App mixed with some web technology, so now they're kind of hybrid. PETE: I think that's a really good point. When I talk about this stuff to clients, I say like the question of Web versus Native, the answer is "Yes". And really it's not like, "Should I do Web? Or, should I do Native?" It's "Where should I sit on the spectrum between Fully-Native and Fully-HTML?" Actually, not that many people go to [Inaudible], so there's not that many products that don't have any installed app or tool, and there's not that many products that don't use the web at some point inside of their, even if it's a Native App, a lot of apps still have webby stuff inside of them; that's sometimes surprising. CHUCK: What do you mean by webby stuff? Are you talking about -- PETE: Even just something as simple as HTML, an HTML View. Let's say you're doing legal disclaimer as the classic example they always use, you're doing legal disclaimers for your app, you could do the layout and mock up and stuff in code. Or, you could just write some simple HTML, shove it in the UIWebView, and embed it in your app. That's normally about a way to go. CHUCK: Yeah, that was what I was wondering; it's if they were using UIWebView,

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