"I Never Thought the Judge Was Going to Throw a Three Year Freaking Sentence"

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May 7, 201926m
"I Never Thought the Judge Was Going to Throw a Three Year Freaking Sentence"
May 7 '1926m
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On the day President Trump's former fixer and lawyer Michael Cohen reports to federal prison, actor and comedian Tom Arnold joins "The Investigation" to discuss his unconventional friendship with Cohen, how they met, and even shares a discreetly recorded phone call between the two. During the 36 minute tape, Cohen dishes on President Trump: "I lost everything...because Trump had an affair with a porn star," Stormy Daniel's former lawyer Michael Avenatti: "it's called karma boomerang," even his prison sentence: "I never thought the judge was going to throw a three year freaking sentence...what they can do to anybody, it's just obscene." Cohen also describes to Arnold his closed door testimony to Congress and tells "The Investigation" -- "I needed to get the truth out there"

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