"Color-Coded Redactions" - What Won't We See in the Mueller Report

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Apr 16, 201931m
"Color-Coded Redactions" - What Won't We See in the Mueller Report
Apr 16 '1931m
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675 days, 2800 subpoenas and 500 witness interviews later, the Mueller Report - with color-coded redactions - is expected to be made public this week. Now, the ABC News Investigative team is taking you inside the "War Room" where the team will read and report back all the details once the report is released. In this episode of "The Investigation," co-host Chris Vlasto along with John Santucci and Matt Mosk break down everything you need to know about the upcoming release of the Mueller Report with Chief White House Correspondent Jon Karl and legal analyst Dan Abrams. Karl points to one man for answers:"[Don] McGahn is a central player here, the one that is potentially the most dangerous," while Abrams breaks down the elephant in the room legal question: what constitutes obstruction of justice? Abrams concludes though, when it comes to what is in the highly anticipated Special Counsel's report: "There's going to be material which suggests that he obstructed the investigation, and if it had been anybody else, it probably would have been criminal."

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