Ms. Helena Lisachuk with Deloitte talks about The Real Application of IoT (3 of 3)

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Feb 28, 202015m
Ms. Helena Lisachuk with Deloitte talks about The Real Application of IoT (3 of 3)
Feb 2815m
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On this episode of Industrial Talk Podcast, we finish our 3-part series on IoT and IIoT insights and solutions. In this episode, Helena Lisachuk, Director of Management Consulting and Global IoT Lead at Deloitte, talks about The Real Applications of IoT, and how to stay focused on what is real solutions and not just "shiny objects" that distract. It is truly an exciting time to be engaged in real technology solutions that will absolutely transform industry. We have to fight to focus on engaging real solutions to solving problems and avoid distraction that comes from technology hype. Learn more about Helena and her wonderful team at Deloitte on how to begin your IoT journey in this episode of the Industrial Talk Podcast. Find out more by the links below: Company Website: ( Personal LinkedIn: ( Company LinkedIn: ( Company Facebook: ( Great Resources From Helena: ( More Great Resources from Helena: ( OTHER GREAT INDUSTRIAL RESOURCES:Why You Need To Podcast: ( InforEAM: ( Safeopedia: ( Industrial Marketing Solutions: ( Industrial Academy: ( Industrial Dojo: ( Safety With Purpose Podcast: ( YOUR INDUSTRIAL DIGITAL TOOLBOX:LifterLMS: Get One Month Free for $1 – ( Active Campaign:  Active Campaign Link ( BombBomb:  BombBomb Link ( Social Jukebox: ( Industrial Academy (One Month Free Access And One Free Licence For Future Industrial Leader): ( THE STRATEGIC REASON "WHY YOU NEED TO PODCAST": ( Business Beatitude the Book Do you desire a more joy-filled, deeply-enduring sense of accomplishment and success? Live your business the way you want to live with the BUSINESS BEATITUDES...The Bridge connecting sacrifice to success. YOU NEED THE BUSINESS BEATITUDES! TAP INTO YOUR INDUSTRIAL SOUL, RESERVE YOUR COPY NOW! BE BOLD. BE BRAVE. DARE GREATLY AND CHANGE THE WORLD. GET THE BUSINESS BEATITUDES! Reserve My Copy and My 25% Discount (

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