Ep.3 - Database Error Hairy Chest

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Aug 16, 201629m
Ep.3 - Database Error Hairy Chest
Aug 16 '1629m
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This episode is a taping of The Imposter's first live event at the Gladstone Hotel. Like a first marriage, it's new and exciting, and it promises that the next one will be infinitely more extravagant. Featuring: 1. Comedy by Jackie Pirico 2. "Obaa Sima" by Ata Kak 3. "A Little Bit of Lovin'" by Laurice 4. Videogame artist Kara Stone 5. "Intimate Strangers" by BizZarh. The Imposter is hosted by Aliya Pabani and produced by Katie Jensen. Original music by Nathan Burley. Feedback and freelance pitches: aliya@canadalandshow.com. We're on Twitter at @IMPSTR and @aliyapabani. Sponsored by FreshBooks.

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