Ep.12 - My Life Is a Turmoil From a Film

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Nov 9, 201637m
Ep.12 - My Life Is a Turmoil From a Film
Nov 9 '1637m
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Allan King's 1967 documentary Warrendale is recognized as a groundbreaking documentary about a Toronto group home for "emotionally disturbed" kids. Andrew Moir looks into the lasting impact of the film on its subjects' lives.

Jennifer Goodhue is a comedian in Toronto.

Morgan Waters and Brooks Gray created the show The Amazing Gayl Pile

Contributors: Liam Gareau

Songs on this episode:

"When You're a Kid and You're Scared" by Kite Hill from the album Rest & Run.

"One More" by Weaves from their self-titled album. Side Note: Morgan Waters plays guitar in the band.

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