Examining our Imperfections : Teen Dating Violence Awareness

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Feb 25, 201930m | se1 : e3
Examining our Imperfections : Teen Dating Violence Awareness
Feb 25 '1930m | se1e3
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Janelle and Oprah discuss ten unhealthy relationship tips. They also introduce the newest segment of their podcast, "Examining our Imperfections," where they highlight the Mental Health Awareness topic for the month. This month is Teen Dating Violence Awareness, where guest speaker, Robynn Woyee-Kollie, shares her story about how teen dating violence personally affected her family. Robynn Woyee-Kollie is also the Founder & CEO of the Roschelle Woyee Scholarship Foundation. For more about about the foundation, visit www.roschellewsf.com or if you'd like to make a donation, vaisit www.paypal.me/RoschelleWoyeeSF . Also follow her on Instagram @roschellewoyeesf and Facebook at Roschelle Woyee Scholarship Foundation. 

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