Cut yourself free from your email inbox with Claire Giovino #59

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Apr 22, 202030m | se1 : e59
Cut yourself free from your email inbox with Claire Giovino #59
Apr 2230m | se1e59
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Just imagine that you never had to look at your email inbox, read or reply to any emails ever again. How much free time would you have? What could you use that time for in your business or in your personal life? That is a question I explored with Claire Giovino in today’s episode of the ideas lab podcast, because she has set up a business to do exactly this for her clients.

She launched Inboxdone in 2017, and has grown the business to multiple six figures in just 11 months with zero startup capital. She currently manages a growing team of remote inbox managers and upwards of 3000 plus emails a day, all while travelling the world or at least until recently.

So I wanted to ask her what are we all getting wrong about email and if we want to move away from our own inbox and stop it dominating our working day, how do you really outsource something that is so fundamental to what we do day in and day out?

And I also wanted to find out how Claire has made such a success of I Inboxdone and how she’s made that work in a partnership with Yaro Starak, who is one of the founders, one of the pioneers of internet marketing and blogging. So it’s going to be a great episode. Let’s dive in.

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