Ty Warren, Part 2 | 006

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Sep 3, 201832m | se1 : e6
Ty Warren, Part 2 | 006
Sep 3 '1832m | se1e6
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In this episode of The Hunter, Thomas continues his conversation with Ty Warren, his Warrior brother and childhood friend. When you are the given the tools and taught how to use them, and do the work every day you create the pathways and the hunt that give you the results. It's not just about getting a paycheck but being worth that paycheck. Open the path to your daily hunt and set your targets; become the man or woman you were meant to be.


Thomas Mifsud is your host for this weekly podcast that walks you through his struggles with his addictions and overcoming his father’s legacy of disconnection. Thomas will give you the tools and blueprints, to kill the sedation and stop the stories of who society has determined you to be. His battle to own who is and how he became the man he is today, started with his journey through the pain that destroyed him and created him at the same time.

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