The Huge Show - May 8th - 4pm Hour

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May 8, 202044m
The Huge Show - May 8th - 4pm Hour
May 844m
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The NFL released the upcoming fall schedule last night, and we’re covering the Lions schedule more specifically throughout the full show today. In our first couple of hours we were joined by a few of our Lions’ insiders to get their thoughts on that schedule and the uphill battle the Lions will be facing. In our second hour we were joined by Tony Ortiz so he and Bill could play the Win/Loss game with the Lions schedule. They both came to the conclusion they would end the season 6-10. Then we were joined by Tim Twentyman to continue the schedule conversation. We wrapped up this hour by having John Cornack on from Eisenhower Center to hear about some of the great work they’ve been doing to help out our Veterans.

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