Episode 48: The Right to a Fair Trial

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Jan 8, 201633m
Episode 48: The Right to a Fair Trial
Jan 8 '1633m
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We discuss the leap of faith the Blue Jackets are taking with Seth Jones, whether the Predators got the best deal they possibly could've, how we're cheering for Vinny Lecavalier to end the season on a personal tear and why the Flyers have the best fanbase on the internet. There's also a brief 'Making A Murderer' discussion towards the end of the show, though don't worry if you haven't gotten into the show yet because there aren't necessarily any spoilers involved. Every episode of this podcast is available on iTunes, Soundcloud, and can also be streamed from our website. Make sure to not only subscribe so that you don’t miss out on any new shows as they’re released, but also take a minute to leave us a glowing review. If you’ve been enjoying the work we’ve been doing please also consider chipping in to help support the show (www.hockeypdocast.com/donate). There are a handful of housekeeping costs associated with producing the show that need to be covered, and every little bit helps. Thanks for listening!

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