The Long Dark | LOTR LCG | Evaluation Series Episode 16

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Oct 7, 201755m
The Long Dark | LOTR LCG | Evaluation Series Episode 16
Oct 7 '1755m
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Mitch Desgrosellier ("The Hive Tyrant"), and co-host Matthew Dempsey together provide their assessment and evaluation of the player cards from The Long Dark, the fourth Adventure Pack of the Dwarrowdelf cycle. This set of cards is part of an expansion for The Lord of the Rings: the Card Game, a one to four player solo or cooperative Living Card Game, published by Fantasy Flight Games. This is an episode of The Lord of the Rings: the Card Game Progression Series, in which our co-hosts re-experience this Living Card Game from its very beginning. Together, they discuss and subsequently play through all available, official products and expansions for LOTR LCG sequentially, restricting themselves to building decks using only player cards which were available to them at the time of each individual product’s original retail release. However, though our co-hosts are using only a limited card pool, they will adhere to all errata and rulings contained within the most up to date version of the official FAQ, hopefully making this series informative and entertaining to those players both new to the game and veteran alike. Your interaction and encouragement helps me stay motivated to contribute to the LOTR LCG community. Support The Hive Tyrant: Audio-only versions of The Hive Tyrant content: Follow The Hive Tyrant on Twitter: Follow The Hive Tyrant Facebook page for announcements and updates:

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