The Harvard EdCast is a weekly podcast featuring brief conversations with education leaders and innovative thinkers from across the country and around the world. Hosted by Jill Anderson, the EdCast is a dynamic space for discourse about problems and transformative solutions in education, shining a light on the compelling people, policies, practices, and ideas shaping the field. The Harvard EdCast is produced by the Harvard Graduate School of Education. The opinions expressed are those of the guest alone, and not the Harvard Graduate School of Education.
Dec 27 '17
Rating:   8
Great podcast. Keep it going

Very nice podcast. Great guests.

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Nathan APUSH
Aug 13 '16
Rating:   4
More interested in prestige than actionable education proposals.

Podcast has solid production values and a very high profile lineup of guests. However, as an educator, I found that it had very little practical advice on either the micro level with individual teacher, or macro level nation (or world) wide. It seems that the #1 priority of the podcast is to find the most high profile guest possible, even if they have nothing of real value to add to the education conversation. Great podcast if you want to listed to famous people speak, but not very useful if you are a person looking for ideas to improve education.

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Jun 18 '16
Rating:   10
Best Education Podcast

I really dislike most education podcasts or blogs. This is a great resource for anyone interested in education.

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