Ep. 1779 - Hagmann Report - 12/6/2018

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Dec 6, 20182h 58m
Ep. 1779 - Hagmann Report - 12/6/2018
Dec 6 '182h 58m
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Andrew Drapper, the founder of The Red Pill Report, lays it all out as he joins us from the UK to cover a number of topics from BREXIT to the war against Globalization. Entertaining and informative, Mr. Drapper provides his perspective on current events in this fast-paced episode. Website: The Red Pill ReportTWITTER: @PillReportDiana West Website HEREFollow Diana West on Twitter: https://twitter.com/diana_west_Peter Barry Chowka on Twitter:@PChowka*********Contact Peter: peterathr@outlook.com*********

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