We’re Really Luxuriating in this Maron (DS9 S2E12)

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May 14, 20181h 7m
We’re Really Luxuriating in this Maron (DS9 S2E12)
May 14 '181h 7m
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A doctor to whom Odo bears a striking family resemblance arrives on Deep Space Nine with a gift-wrapped mystery for his former lab animal. But when the team’s road trip to Planet Bucket unleashes a gassy banger, it’s not clear which member of the away team gets the worst side-effects. What’s the best drug to take when listening to the Melota Remix? What is motivating Sisko’s dimmer decisions? Is a female’s love interest something we can really categorize as a ‘dilemma?’ It’s the episode where we show our whole soft spot.

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