Changing and Charting a NEW Course with Rachel Hollis

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Sep 26, 20181h 23m
Changing and Charting a NEW Course with Rachel Hollis
Sep 26 '181h 23m
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If you've been searching for an inspiring self made story then this episode Is for you. Before Rachel Hollis became a #1 New York Times best-selling author of Girl, Wash Your Face, a TV personality, top motivational speaker, top podcast host and entrepreneur she faced the obstacle of change and making a choice. The mother of four joins us on TGL to share her powerful advice and wisdom on how to be passionately successful in business. It is her tell-it-like-it-is attitude that we instantly connected with - get out your notes because it's about to get GOOD. This week's podcast is sponsored by Just Fab, Phlur, Kopari, LaCroix and PlutoTV! Please support them because they support us! Go to JUSTFAB.COM/SAZAN and sign up as a VIP, you’ll get your first style for as low as $10! Head to PHLUR.COM today and use promo code SAZAN to get 20% off your custom Phlur sample set--Pick three scents to try--and get credit towards a full-size bottle of your favorite! Say aloha to Kopari--Go to KOPARIBEAUTY.COM/SAZAN for five-dollars off your first order!

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