Kevin Baker
May 6 '1820m
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Experts in wine appraisal, Benchmark is one of the largest buyers of private wine collections. Established in 2002, Benchmark Wine Group is the leading source of fine and rare wine for wine retailers, restaurants and collectors around the world. Based in Napa Valley, they acquire the most sought-after wines from private individuals and professional contacts. Their staff draws on decades of industry experience and is dedicated to providing exceptional service to all of our clients. Benchmarkwine.com offers 24-hour access to they're cellar, displaying inventory in real-time. They acquire fine and rare wine from well-maintained private cellars and reputable wholesalers after provenance is verified by our team of acquisitions professionals. Before purchasing a private collection, they travel to meet the collector and inspect storage conditions to verify provenance. As a result, we guarantee the provenance of all wines that they sell.

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