TGB Episode 195: The King of Monsters! (Guest: Evan Saathoff)

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May 18, 20140m
TGB Episode 195: The King of Monsters! (Guest: Evan Saathoff)
May 18 '140m
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On this week's episode of The Golden Briefcase, Tim and Jeremy are joined by guest Evan Saathoff aka "Sam Strange" of Badass Digest to go through their picks of the week, the newest DVD & Blu-ray releases and much more. For the main topic of the night the guys spend some time discussing the film legacy of Godzilla, the King of Monsters, in honor of Gareth Edwards' interpretation hitting theaters this Friday! The guys talk over some of the best and worst examples of Godzilla films, the phenomenon of the character and more. They also share thoughts on the new rendition of the monster and where they want to see him go. Download #195 or Listen Now: [audio href="" title="The King of Monsters! (Guest: Evan Saathoff)"]The Golden Briefcase #195[/audio] Subscribe via: RSS or iTunes Previous Episode: Before the Summer Storm (Guest: Liam O'Donnell) Our Guest: Evan Saathoff: @Sam_Strange Picks of the Week: Jeremy: Lawman (1971) Evan: Metallica: Through the Never Tim: "Pink Lemonade" by Closure in Moscow DVD/Blu-Rays Released: I, ...

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