What No One Tells You About Going Viral

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Mar 23, 201825m
What No One Tells You About Going Viral
Mar 23 '1825m
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THE REALITY OF GOING VIRAL: The true story of how we (accidentally) created viral content, grew our following, and got national press... Simply by being who we are.

In case you missed it, our marriage has been on the national (and international!) stage as a post of us in swimsuits went viral. We've gained followers, saw a boost of an engagement, and grew our business all within one whirlwind week.

Sound like a great gig? It was.... and wasn't. In this episode, I tell you everything you need to know about going viral. The wins, the losses (may or may not have gotten emotional reading the "mean comments" on air...), and the final outcome. Was it worth it? It was. Did it have downsides? You bet. And I'm about to fill you in on ALL of it.

If you're on the quest to create viral content, this episode is for you!

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