257: How to Reverse Engineer the Result You Want

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May 15, 201934m
257: How to Reverse Engineer the Result You Want
May 15 '1934m
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I don’t have time. My dream is too big. Where do I even start?

Our big dreams can take a backseat to everyday life. It’s so easy to push them away, fire off every excuse for not leaning into our biggest goals, and ignore the little pull they have on our hearts. I wholeheartedly believe that these big ideas that both excite and frighten us are the only things worth pursuing at all.

Let me warn you from the beginning that this is not going to be an episode on general goal setting or how to be more productive and stick to your goals. This episode is about figuring out that one thing you should be doing and then reverse engineering your way to achieve the result you want.

The first three steps to take plus how to hop right over whatever roadblocks come your way on the path to making it happen… I’m sharing it all.

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