241: Our Best Instagram Tips EVER

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Mar 20, 201938m
241: Our Best Instagram Tips EVER
Mar 2038m
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Instagram is my favorite tool to connect and engage with people, it’s my first handshake with thousands of potential new customers, and it allows me to share my story and leave my legacy one square at a time. Instagram is one of the MOST covered topics on Goal Digger and the top 10 list of our episodes is always dominated by the IG shows.

This episode of Goal Digger is like the Holy Grail of Instagram. A compilation of all the BEST Instagram advice ever shared on Goal Digger. My top tips and tricks, plus expert advice from guests like Kathleen Barnes of Carrie Bradshaw Lied, Puno of PeopleMap, and Jenni Radosevich of iSpy DIY, all in one place. Instagram is always changing, so I’ve even got some NEW tips from Christy Laurence, creator of the Instagram scheduling tool PLANN that we use on Team Jenna Kutcher.

From growing engagement to the secret behind my most liked posts and a cautionary word about Instagram pods… This episode has it all.

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