193: 10 Tips to Create Hype Around a Launch

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Oct 3, 201831m
193: 10 Tips to Create Hype Around a Launch
Oct 3 '1831m
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Got something to launch? Perhaps a new product, service, website, course, freebie, or business and you want to share it with your audience? You’ve worked so hard on this new thing and it’s so important to put some thought behind how you are going to reveal it to the world.

Far too often there’s not enough time and energy behind the steps for launching and too much focus on the creation process. People can get stuck on this last step. Striving for perfection can cause paralysis and leave us scrambling when it comes time to promote. Here’s the thing -- if it’s not launched well, no one is going to see it anyway.

We recently publicly launched one of my courses The Pinterest Lab and have so many takeaways from that experience. Today I want to share 10 ways you can create hype around something new and exciting in your business so that you can rock your next launch, big or small!

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