156: From Bootstrapped to Booming Business

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May 28, 201845m
156: From Bootstrapped to Booming Business
May 28 '1845m
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Looking to start a business and have no idea where to start?!

Goal Diggers, today we are chatting to the brains behind an Instagram account that we have ALL probably followed and swooned over at one point or another. Stacy Stahl is the founder and brains behind HowHeAsked.com – the digital destination for all things marriage proposal. With hundreds of thousands of love-obsessed readers and more than a half a million Instagram followers, How He Asked provides a platform for couples to share their engagement stories. As if growing a mega-successful blog and brand isn’t awesome enough, Stacy is a FORCE. The way she talks is captivating and tangible, and today she is walking you through 1) How to start (and monetize!) a blog 2) Where to invest money in your business and 3) How to priotize your next step and day-to-day activities. Today, Stacy is going to tell us the details of growing a huge Instagram following, what it was like starting a business at a young age, and knowing when to move on with your career! This Episode is full of SO MUCH goodness, and I can’t wait for you all to hear from the wonderful Stacy!

(Like, seriously. Grab a notebook and a pen- you're going to need it!)

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