Perfect Corp.'s Alice Chang: 'AI is a game-changer for beauty'

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Aug 15, 201936m
Perfect Corp.'s Alice Chang: 'AI is a game-changer for beauty'
Aug 1536m
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Perfect Corp. is on a mission to transform the beauty industry through AR and AI innovation. For Alice Chang, the CEO of the Taiwanese tech company, it all started when she realized the power of giving someone the tools to make themselves feel beautiful. Founded in 2014, the tech company has launched a series of AR apps, like YouCam Perfect, which uses a 'beautify' function and other photo editing software to help users craft the perfect selfie. Perfect Corp. has also partnered with brands and retailers, such as Ulta, to create an in-store, virtual try-on experience, so customers can interact with cosmetics before committing to a purchase. On this week's episode of The Glossy Beauty Podcast, beauty editor Priya Rao sits down with Chang to discuss how Perfect Corp. is marrying tech and beauty, how it's individualizing in-store AR experiences for each brand, and how AI could revolutionize a consumer's beauty experience.

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