The Death of Tina Watson - 183

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Jun 5, 20161h 5m
The Death of Tina Watson - 183
Jun 5 '161h 5m
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The Death of Tina Watson. When a newly married couple travel to Australia for their honeymoon, they expect to have the time of their lives. While scuba diving, though, something terrible would happen. The husband would surface without his wife. His version of events would characterize her death as an accident. She had dislodged his mask and after taking care of that he discovered that she was sinking down below him and he just couldn't save her so he went up to get help. Others, such as her father and a close friend, would challenge his story and the husband would be arrested amid suspicions of foul play. Did Gabe Watson murder his wife? Or was Tina's drowning death merely an accident? Further reading:

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