S3 E6 - “Is Butter A Carb?”

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Aug 13, 201931m
S3 E6 - “Is Butter A Carb?”
Aug 1331m
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On this episode Dr Hazel is joined by registered dietitians Rosie Saunt and Helen West from The Rooted project. Rosie and Helen strive to be the most credible, non-judgemental and accessible source of nutrition information in the industry, drawing on the latest scientific thinking, at panel events and via social media communication. They have also recently published the ultimate mythbusting nutrition bible: ​Is Butter a Carb? On this episode they cover common diet myths, how to spot a fad diet, how to approach media headlines on nutrition research, vegan diets, carbs, gut health - and everything in between. This is a must listen for anyone feeling a bit confused about nutrition. P.S. If you want to submit your own question to the show all you got to do is ​tweet, facebook message or instagram DM me your questions with #thefoodmedicpodcast.

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