Episode 15: Internet Satan

Episode of: The First Degree

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Nov 21, 20181h 18m
Episode 15: Internet Satan
Nov 21 '181h 18m
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On episode fifteen, Jac, Alexis & Billy speak with two First Degree guests who were plagued by the same fiendish stalker for decades, a stalker they came to call “Internet Satan.” They cover the twisted details of his crimes, his tactics of torment, the physical and psychological aftermath, and his ultimate capture. Blink - Check out www.BlinkForHome.com/FIRSTDEGREE Living Proof - Visit LivingProof.com/FIRST or use promo code FIRST for a free sample of dry shampoo Sunday Scaries - Check out SundayScaries.com and use promo code FIRST DEGREE for 10% off and free shipping

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