Ingrid Bergman and Don Paterson

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Aug 11, 201627m
Ingrid Bergman and Don Paterson
Aug 11 '1627m
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With Antonia Quirke. Award-winning poet Don Paterson continues his series about great speeches in cinema history with the ever quotable Casablanca. Don't forget - we'll always have Paris. Stig Bjorkman, the director of a new documentary about the star of Casablanca, Ingrid Bergman: In Her Own Words, talks about the controversy that dogged her career. While literary salons are all the rage, the cinematic equivalent is relatively rare. Antonia visits a monthly meeting of the Moving Image Makers Collective in Selkirk on the Scottish Borders, where short films are shown and critiqued. Will it end in tears? The Film Programme are looking for the unsung heroes of British cinema. Janet Rogers nominates her dad, the cinematographer Ted Lloyd, who worked with Hitchock on The 39 Steps. And Janet explains how she ended up starring a few adverts.

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