Bonnie and Clyde at 50

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Jul 13, 201734m
Bonnie and Clyde at 50
Jul 13 '1734m
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With Francine Stock. Warren Beatty tells Francine Stock about the making of Bonnie And Clyde in the year of its 50th anniversary, and why he thought Bob Dylan would make a better Clyde Barrow than him. Hope Dickson Leach explains why she set her family drama The Levelling on the Somerset Levels just after the floods of 2014. How does Sofia Coppola's The Beguiled compare with the 1971 original starring Clint Eastwood ? Larushka Ivan-Zadeh delivers her verdict. Documentary-maker Matthew Heineman discusses City Of Ghosts about a group of journalists who are fighting a war of information against Islamic State in Raqqa, at a personal cost to their families.

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