Lauren Smith Brody: Disrupting Working Motherhood

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Apr 9, 201949m | se2 : e11
Lauren Smith Brody: Disrupting Working Motherhood
Apr 949m | se2e11
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Meet Lauren Smith Brody, author of The Fifth Trimester and a woman disrupting working motherhood. After enjoying an incredibly successful 16-year career in the magazine publishing world—working her way up to the #2 spot as Executive Editor for Glamour Magazine, Lauren left to write about The Fifth Trimester, the time she describes as when the working mom is born.  

And while I’m not a mom, I’m incredibly fascinated by this transition It’s no big secret that it’s a struggle to have children and go back to work. We do not live in a particularly supportive culture when it comes to working and being a mother in tandem. For many, challenges persist when back in the workplace which is why Lauren set out to write a book—a book that would connect the dots and serve new mothers a collective post-pregnancy mentor.  

On this episode, you'll  learn:

  • What is The Fifth Trimester

  • How working moms can navigate their own return to work

  • And what actions we can take today to change the status quo


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