Dr. Zelana Montminy: Why We Meltdown

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Sep 25, 201854m | se1 : e3
Dr. Zelana Montminy: Why We Meltdown
Sep 25 '1854m | se1e3
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Meet Dr. Zelana Montminy, a prominent figure in positive psychology and the author of 21 Days to Resilience. Her research is at the forefront of ground-breaking new science, which she calls “the science of thriving”, a field in which experts are exploring what drives us toward optimal well-being. And that’s what brings us to the podcast. Dr. Z  is going to help explain, “Why do we meltdown?”

We are going to learn what is it that makes us spiral out of control or lose our sense of direction? And what does it take for us to focus on our strengths and thrive within our lives and workplaces—as opposed to just survive? Get ready to reshape how you view "happiness" as you shift to thrive for more resilience in your life.

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