Feb 4, 201848m
#86: Index all the things
Feb 4 '1848m
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Following last week’s investment crisis episode, indices seem to be on everyone’s mind. We decided to dedicate this episode to all things index. Navi wanted to know which ETFs we’ll be investing in this year. The Ashburton 1200 looks very appealing for us both. Nobody saw this coming - least of all us.

Frank Denys made a case for ETNs that practically had us throwing our money at him. It’s a product I intend to learn more about. In the meantime, I strongly suggest you direct your ETN questions to our friend Nerina Visser from etfSA.co.za.

Tim is so into ETFs he’s been reading SENS announcements. He realised that he doesn’t know how the delisting and listing of additional securities work with ETF providers. He was worried that it might be an ominous sign, but we reassure him.

What is the best thing to do with your tax-free account when you are already retired? Jim is 76 and not sure if he should be keeping his allocation in cash or ETFs. We help him think through his decision.

Fernando thought he found a workaround for our single ETF strategy by investing in a passively-managed unit trust. We have some bad news for him that might land us in trouble.


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