Episode 301: Lots Of Moving Targets [COVID-19 Series]

Episode of: The Extra Mile Podcast for Bar Exam Takers

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Apr 25, 202048m
Episode 301: Lots Of Moving Targets [COVID-19 Series]
Apr 2548m
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It's been another busy, chaotic week in the bar exam. Feb 2020 results were released in NY, Texas, and several other states, plus more changes to the July 2020 Exams are being discussed. We break down all the news and look at the implications for bar takers in 2020.

Then we interview a successful UBE Bar Taker who overcame his dyslexia and ADHD as a second career student to pass the bar exam after several attempts. Find out what he did differently to pass!

For more information about updates from each jurisdiction, visit our webpage at https://www.celebrationbarreview.com/july-2020-exam-changes/

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