The Evernote Digital Path

The Evernote Digital Path

Published by: Rebecca Councill
0 Episodes | First Released: Mar 7 '19
This podcast is all about creating your digital footprint with Evernote. We will explain what Evernote is, what it is used for. We will bring in others and have them explain how they use it and updates with the product. Every so often we will include apps that work well with Evernote and comparisons.
Feb 8 '19
Rating:   10
A Podcast to Motivate Me On My Paperless Quest

Like Rebecca Councill, I downloaded Evernote years but just started using it in earnest a few months ago. As my passion for Evernote grows, it is great to have a podcast that reminds me of all the uses for Evernote. The show is at its best when the guest is an ECC. The non-ECC guests all talk about all the other apps they use but never how those apps work in conjunction with Evernote. This when the show is the weakest. I suspect this podcast will get even better over time. Great job.

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Jan 12 '19
Rating:   8
A fellow professional organizer using Evernote!

I was thrilled to see a fellow professional organizer being interviewed for your podcast! So much so, that I am writing my first comment on a podcast ever! This podcast has helped remind me of some features of Evernote and introduce me to some new things. You’re getting better with each episode, so keep up the good work!

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