Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

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Jan 17, 201713m
Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
Jan 17 '1713m
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Simon Heffer continues his highly-authored and deeply-informed exploration of British cinema by viewing five New Wave or so-called "Kitchen Sink" films of the late 1950s and 1960s. Having explored the stereotyping of working class characters in his previous series of Essays on British film, Simon Heffer turns his gaze upon the films written and directed by a new generation of grammar school-educated young men, whose gritty depiction of the lives of ordinary working men and women was to shock and delight the cinema-going public in the 1960s. 2.Saturday Night and Sunday Morning Simon Heffer reveals how Alan Sillitoe's novel was turned into a stunning film, directed by Karel Reisz, produced by Tony Richardson, and starring Albert Finney as Arthur Seaton, the anti-hero whose motto is "Don't Let the bastards grind you down". Producer: Beaty Rubens.

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