The Escape Pod (Cast) Season 1 (Episode 16)

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Jun 8, 20191h 51m | se1 : e16
The Escape Pod (Cast) Season 1 (Episode 16)
Jun 8 '191h 51m | se1e16
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Coming up on this week’s edition of The Escape Pod.. cast. We talk Title Update 16 coinciding with our 16th episode, coincidence? I think not! We find out about some new characters with some new unique abilities, the Territory Battle of Geonosis is revealed! What lies in store for us within the Arena? And we release CG_Carrie from the brig after she was caught sneaking onto our ship, to sit down and talk all these things and MORE! Normally I would say breaking news and and if it happens, but Ladies and gentlemen, this IS the breaking news, this week, on The Escape Pod... cast!

We talk all things SWGOH. Two radio hosts from opposite ends of the world converge to bring you the premiere pod cast about the mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.  Hosted by Scotty McLaren and Paul Anthony 


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SPECIAL GUEST:- Capital Games Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes Senior Producer - Carrie Gouskas or CG_Carrie

Twitter:- @cgouskos

Disclaimer - She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless she persisted. Senior Producer @ EA on Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Her views are my own.

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