Episode 44 - Luke Norsworthy (Enneagram 7) Part 1

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Dec 3, 201850m
Episode 44 - Luke Norsworthy (Enneagram 7) Part 1
Dec 3 '1850m
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This is what you get when you have a great interview, with an enneagram 7, and a live audience! 

Enjoy Part 1 of Suzanne's conversation with Enneagram 7, Luke Norsworthy. You may know Luke from his podcast, Newsworthy With Norsworthy, and you will definitely want to go out and buy or check out his new book, God Over Good.

Luke's wife Lindsey is an Enneagram 1, and they live in Austin with their 3 beautiful daughters.

This podcast was recorded at The Micah Center in Dallas in front of a small audience on October 18th.


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