008: [Harmony Triad 3,6,9] Leadership with the Tool of the Enneagram

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Feb 12, 201917m
008: [Harmony Triad 3,6,9] Leadership with the Tool of the Enneagram
Feb 1217m
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What type of leader are you? Enneagram Professional, Ginger Lapid-Bogda says, "If you have all three–a high EQ, a high IQ, and a relevant on the job experience from which you have learned and grown, your chances of success (as a leader) are even greater!"

On this episode, as we explore the Harmony Triad Model we'll look at all three centers of intelligence–the IQ (Head), EQ (Heart), and GQ (Gut). When a leader can bring all three of those superpowers to their business or organization, it's amazing to see how they can grow a team and live in their sweet spot! 

Of course, along the way every leader has kryptonite to be aware of too. Greater awareness of what weakens our leadership helps us to move toward our strengths in incredible ways!

This episode is part one of a three-part series exploring Leadership Styles through each of the Harmony Triads. We'll start by diving into the 3, 6, 9 triad and follow up in the next two weeks with the remaining 2, 5, 8 and 1, 4, 7 triads.

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