#376 - Gurinder Chadha and Viveik Kalra

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Aug 9, 20191h 24m | se1 : e574
#376 - Gurinder Chadha and Viveik Kalra
Aug 91h 24m | se1e574
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On this week's show, we invite Gurinder Chadha and Viveik Kalra onto the pod to wax lyrical about The Boss or, more specifically, their new film Blinded By The Light - guaranteed to put a Springsteen in your step. Meanwhile, Chris, James and Helen stand up in defence of some underappreciated classics (love Kurt Wimmer's Equilibrium or GTFO) and Chris gives us his reaction to news of the upcoming Event Horizon TV series ("Do you see? DO YOU SEE?!"). Plus we review this week's film releases and, in a podcast first, actually manage to finish when we say we will. Enjoy.

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