90 - The League of Dwarven Fighting

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Sep 16, 20171h 5m
90 - The League of Dwarven Fighting
Sep 16 '171h 5m
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The party enjoys the spectacle that is the 23rd Annual Pykett Invitational, Dwarven fighting at its best. Which of the zany combatants will have what it takes to come away with the golden fish and the fame that comes with it? You'll buy the whole seat but you'll only need the edge!!! Starring Mike(Big Boss Dungeoneer/Limon Pepino), Jeffrey(Gibsonson Longbeard), Verge(Juan Sanchez Vila Lobo Ramierez), Brandt (Niblet), Kurt(Twinkletoes), Dan(Leroy Beardkins) and Aiden(Grognak Thunderbutt).

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