118: Sport Specific Training (w/ Dan Lippert)

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Jan 30, 20191h 28m
118: Sport Specific Training (w/ Dan Lippert)
Jan 30 '191h 28m
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It’s Dumbbells time babies! The man, Dan Lippert, is in The Weight Room - you know him from the Teachers Lounge podcast. Dan is a super funny dude with a great perspective on things. He tells the ‘Bells about growing up super tall and only playing basketball for a portion of his childhood despite everyone thinking he should be a basketball player. The guys help him with some back and shoulder issues and as a group they come up with a plan of action to get him into a gym and working with a trainer. *HINT* it involves him owning being a basketball player! Dan is a great guy and this is a fun episode! 

“Light Weight Babyeee!!!”


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